Thursday, April 11, 2013


So, yes, I quit my practicum, and I've been having a grand ol' time not thinking about it... that is, until the email I got today.

The assistant dean emailed me, because, technically, I was supposed to email him, and go in for a meeting.  Well, I don't feel like going in for a meeting!  I want to pretend that I just left all of this behind, and I want to not think about it!

Why won't people let me not think about it?

Listen, I know it's stupid to drop out of school when you're in the middle of finishing your last semester.  I had seven weeks left.  If I could have just got through those seven weeks, I would have been golden.  I knew I couldn't get through the seven weeks.

Maybe I'll just tell him that I work from 8-5 Monday to Friday, and I can't take time off of work.  I just want to lie to get out of this.  I just want this to go away.

Can I just curl up in the fetal position, now?


I would say that I should have just stayed in Korea, instead of going back to school, but then I would have never met Robyn, and I LOVE Robyn.


Stupid school.  What a mistake going back to school was.

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