Friday, February 25, 2011

korea, the best of...

So, since I am leaving in three days (holy eff), and not sure if I will have internet, because I'll be in a hotel, I just thought I would do a post with all of my favourite pictures from my year here in Korea!  Boring for you, easy for me!  Fair warning, super duper image heavy.

I'm starting this off by saying that a group of my students almost shot me with BB guns today.  They were playing in the park by my house and shooting at each other, and I had to go to the post office.  In order to do so, I have to walk along the road between the two halves of the park, where they were having their mock war.  I stopped short when one of the BB gun barrels popped up in front of my face.  When he saw who I was he was all "oh my god, Tara teacher, so sorry!" and then I heard the whispered "Tara teacher!" going from kid to kid.  They act like they've seen something mysterious whenever they see me.  Anyway, I said hi to all of them and didn't get shot, thankfully.

Okay, so begins a year in review:

My after school class

Apricot blossoms

On Dolsan Island, near Hyangiram Temple

The Achievement Tree was not so tall, I guess it has not witnessed many achievements

The next few are from Hyangiram Temple

Dragon spit!

We only went to this bar because it had the same name as me, it was not as awesome as I had hoped it would be.  It clearly did not live up to sharing my name

My walk to school

This was the live sea cucumber, it's the only shot of the live things that I've eaten.  I've eaten a lot of things that were still alive here in Korea

I think these were speakers... or microphones... I'm not sure

We went to a fair at a fish processing plant

Wando beach

Campfire on the beachee

Oh, Korea, your shirts are hilarious

Dong rot is the worst kind of rot

Mosageum beachee

The second degree burns and three hospital visits that resulted from the above beach visit

Can you spot the reason why I took this picture:

We ordered three tall glasses of the Cherrycock.  It was just carbonated cherry syrupy juice.  Notice the well balanced meal on the table

Always with the umbrellas when it's sunny out

Blowing bubbles at night, we stood on the street and did this for a good hour... people loved it!  Children and adults were all over it, they even came up to us to talk to us, and we let them blow bubbles, too

Mid city poppy field

Nightclub in Gwangju

Koosh ball shoes... for serious

Beach on Dolsan Island that I can never remember the name of

Scooter + sand = not effective

By my house

Some pictures from the Busan Aquarium

Dolsan bridge

Namsan Tower and looking out over Seoul

Suncheon Bay

The chemical plants

The bay at night

More Hyangiram

University above my school, and a kit stuck in a tree

All of the churches in Korea have neon crosses

Man made beach adventure

DMZ tour

Seodaemun Prison Museum

Gyeongbok Palace

Changdeok Palace

So, those are some of my favourite photos from this year, a year in review!

Sorry for the boring-ish post, and, hopefully I'll be able to write one last post before I leave Korea!  If not, see you in Canada!

Toodles, lovelies <3