Thursday, April 11, 2013


I am really impatient.  It gives me really bad anxiety.  I hate surprises.  I'm not good at waiting for things to happen.

Case in point: the honeymoon fiance and I are taking after our wedding.

Now, I'm fine with waiting for the honeymoon to happen, that's all fine and dandy.  Don't get me wrong, I'm excited.  Like, really really excited...

But there's this online forum, where you can post your trip deets, and if someone else is taking the same trip as you, they can respond, and then you get to meet someone new that you'll be on the trip with.

It sounds like such a great idea!

So, I signed up for it, all excited, and posted about the trip package fiance and I bought, excitedly waiting for someone to respond.  This was back in early March.

No response.

So, on Sunday, someone posted about the Classic Bali trip.  Our trip is actually comprised of two trip packages, Classic Bali and Classic Lombok.  I got so excited when the date for their Classic Bali trip matched the date for when we're joining for that portion of the trip.  I seriously responded like an HOUR after they posted their trip details.

Now I'm waiting.

And waiting.

And waiting.



Seriously, you can look at the other person's profile, and see the last time they logged in... and, trust me, they have logged in MULTIPLE times since Sunday!

... now I feel like I'm stalking them.

I just want to meet someone that's going to be on the same trip as us!!


I'm just really excited for this trip.  I feel so lucky, I get to marry the man of my dreams, and celebrate with my friends and family, and then I get to go on a trip to paradise with him two days later!

We're leaving on the 20th, to head to Bali through my beloved Korea.  We haven't made any plans to stop in Korea and sight see or anything, though... I kinda regret that.  We'll do Korea in a big Korea only or Korea and Japan trip sometime soon, though... or maybe we'll just move there (a girl can dream, right?).  We don't arrive in Denpasar, Bali, until 12:05 on the 22nd, and then we head to our hotel in Sanur.

That's a long ass time to be flying.

As I explained before, we have a few days before the tour to see the sights, relax, get over jet lag, hang out on the beach, and just enjoy life in general.  On the 25th, our tour starts up with having a quick meet up that night around 6, and then the option to have dinner all together.  So, it's kinda like having another free day.  It'll be nice to have dinner with everyone and get to know them all before we're traveling together for 14 days.

The next twelve days are comprised of monkey forests, elephant sanctuaries, beaches, temples, rice paddies, villages, hot springs, and sightseeing.  I honestly cannot wait!

The last day is reserved for people heading home, after arriving back in Sanur.  We're staying until the 19th, though, and also getting back home on the 19th (yay, time travelling through time zones!)

I still have a bit of planning to do for the time we have before the trip starts and after it ends.  Luckily, I have a lonely planet guide to Bali and Lombok!  I'll keep you all posted on what I come up with :)

Well, that's all for tonight.

Toodles, lovelies!

Edit:  Holy mackerel, guys!  That was my 100th post! (I just typed woo instead of 100 for some reason... odd)

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