Thursday, April 18, 2013

the diet...

I'm starting a diet.  I've decided I want to be healthier, and make healthier decisions, and lose some weight before moving to Korea.

Now, I HATE the word diet.  It makes me feel constrained, and eventually I just give up and quit trying.

I'm determined this time, though!

I had my "last meal" tonight.  Fiance took me out for Indian food at New Asian Village, one of my favourite restaurants.  I had masala butter paneer and butter chicken with saffron rice and naan, and it was soooo goooood.

Tomorrow, I'm going to start trying to eat more vegetables.  Fresh vegetables!  I'm making a huge bowl of salad with sweet baby greens, red, yellow, and orange peppers, cucumber, carrot, tomatoes, strawberry, and green onion.  It'll be enough to last us a few days.  I'll also cook up some chicken breast, or fish, cut it into little pieces, and keep it in the fridge for us to eat with the salad.  That's going to be my dinner.  Throughout the day I'm going to have yogurt and fresh veggies, and I'll try and drink as much water as possible.  I might throw in a few Crystal Light packets for some calorie free sweetness once in a while, though, haha

I've started exercising more lately, too.  We have a stationary bike, and Robyn found some of his weights for me to use.  They're ten pound weights, and a bit heavy for me, so I might have to work up to using them by starting out with soup cans or something.

Robyn's being super supportive of this all.  He's going to do my diet with me, for the most part.  He'll still have his sandwiches and his snacks and sometimes he'll eat something else along with his salad... but he's with me on the salad train, for the most part!  Haha.

I was going to put Crasins in the salad, but Robyn told me tonight that those little bastards are coated in sugar... DAMN THEM!

I'll keep you guys up to date on my weight loss adventure, here, from time to time.  I really hope that putting myself out there with you guys will keep me accountable, and stop me from falling off the wagon!

I think that drinking more water, and cutting out snacks is going to be the hardest part for me.  Most of my eating consists of snacking.  Now I'll just have vegetables to snack on, I suppose.

I should start taking multi-vitamins again, too.

Welp, here goes nothing!

Toodles, lovelies!

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