Friday, July 20, 2012

job interview...

So, the plan after our wedding is to move to South Korea for at least a year.

Naturally, I am ridiculously excited, and have already started applying for jobs!

Today, I had a job interview through a recruiting company.  Well, I guess it was more an interview to see if I'm suitable enough for them to place me with one of the schools they work with.

I am hoping to get a job in Ulsan, another coastal city (yay!).  I just loved living on the coast when I was in Korea, and I can't imagine living in a non-coastal city.

Of course, it's really early to be applying, so they're putting me on a wait list, and they will contact me when the time for applying gets a little closer.

I think the interview went well, anyway.  I can't wait to see what sort of job offers I get :)

In other news!  Here is a picture of the extent of my current loose leaf tea obsession:

I have a feeling that there will be even more tea in my future... this doesn't even include the cupboard full of tea bags that I have :/

Anyway, I'm off to watch a wee bit o TV... I'm having a lazy day at home, today :)

Toodles, lovelies! <3

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