Monday, February 7, 2011


So, my school has blogger blocked, because it is apparently a "dangerous" website.  What the eff, school?  You're going to make me sit there for eight hours a day and not at least let me read blogs?

Bad form.

Basically, the only thing that I have discovered that is blocked at my school, is blogger.  Mind you, I haven't tried looking for inappropriate things, but, I'm pretty sure it's only blogger.

There was apartment drama today.  Turns out, my school only has my apartment leased until February 14, so, after that, they needed to figure out where I should be living.  That was a fun conversation.

First, they asked me if maybe I was going to go on vacation, travel around Korea.  I told them that I was thinking about going to Seoul from the 18 to the 21.  They asked me if I wouldn't mind staying in a motel.  I said that was fine, then they told me good, that the school would pay for a motel from the 15 to the 17, and then the 22 to the 28.

Uhh... what about everything that I own?

Sorry, but I am not lugging a year's worth of luggage to Seoul and then back again.

Then they tried to tell me that I could live in my co-teacher's one room apartment with her.  A tiny little bachelor apartment, for two weeks, with two people...

That sounds charming.

They finally realized that the ex-drama teacher's apartment was still under lease, but vacant.  So, they've, thankfully, arranged for me to live there for my last two weeks here.

Seriously.  I have to pack my stuff up, move, and then move again.

I'm kind of not impressed.

Also, this means, I may not have internet for my last two weeks here.  Gah.  Basically, internet is one of my only English entertainment sources.  Especially for TV, and blogs, of course!

So, I've decided to purchase an external hard drive, and Annie has graciously agreed to load some things onto it for something to entertain myself with, in the chance that I am internetless.

Thus began the "Tara wants to buy a hard drive" adventure that I had after school.

It seems like a relatively simple concept.  I just wanted a two terabyte hard drive.

I tried two electronics stores and E-mart, unsuccessfully.  The biggest one I saw was a one terabyte hard drive for as much as the two terabyte ones I had seen online.  No thanks.

So, in a last ditch effort, I decided to take a taxi across the city to Lotte Mart, and try my luck there.

The taxi driver felt the need to point out that I was going from one big store to the next "ee-mahtuh to lotte mahtuh!"

Yes, sir, you are correct!

The electronics department in Lotte Mart was where the fun really began.

The biggest hard drive they had was a 640 gigabyte hard drive.  I really had my heart set on a two terabyte hard drive, especially when they're just sixty dollars more.

I tried to ask him if they had at least a one terabyte hard drive.

Terabyte?  Enter confused stare.

I tried saying it slower.


He got me to spell it out on his phone.


I noticed the 500 gigabyte hard drives.  In a desperate attempt, I pointed at them, and said "Oh baek giga (500 gigabytes), plus" I made a plus sign with my fingers "oh, baek giga, equals il tera (one terabyte)!" and then mashed my fingers together in my best "smushered together" impression.

Blank stare.

I tried again.

Blank stare.

Frustrated sigh.  "OH!  CHON GIGA (one thousand gigabytes)!"

At this point, his eyes got all wide, and he said, in the best old man Korean exasperated voice what I have ever heard "WWWWWHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAA????"

Uhhh... so, chon giga opsoyo (don't have any)?

I guess I answered my own question.

I returned home and decided that buying one off of the internet was a safer bet than the hour and a half electronics/department stores adventure that I had.  Probably a lot less complicated, too.

Le sigh.

Anyways.  I will now attempt sleep.  And, tomorrow, I have to pack.  Eff.

Toodles <3

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