Sunday, February 6, 2011

mad men...

Hah, so, sorry about the last post.  Seriously, everything before the "this has taken me three days to write" was written in sobriety... then I went out to enjoy some soju cocktails with some good company, and it was alllll downhill from there.  I am a class act.

Either way, I had a lot of fun last night, good friends, good drinks, and we stayed out for EIGHT hours.  That's the thing about Korea, no last call.  I don't even know if the bars close!  I've never stayed out late enough to find out... I mean, four in the morning is pretty late, but there have been a fewww later nights.

Either way, soju cocktails go down easy, because it's basically fruit juice blended with ice and some soju, and you can't even taste the soju... hence why drinking for eight hours commenced.  Yoy.

There was a good crowd of young, out of town Koreans out last night.  They were all in Yeosu, visiting family for SeolNal... AKA, Lunar New Year.  And, by good, I, of course, mean good to look at... hehehe.

Lunar New Year was Thursday, but celebrations tend to last for three days.  Not like, big party celebrations... it's mostly all just family and eating big meals.

I celebrated Lunar New Year by going to Alex's and playing board games with him, Annie, Meaghan, and Meaghan's mom.  It was fun times, and I'm super surprised we didn't make Meaghan's mom uncomfortable with our chosen topics of conversation.  Apparently, non of us have internal censors.

So, I have resultantly been sitting in bed, eating more homemade chicken noodle soup with French bread, and watching Mad Men.

I have decided that I like the show because of Peggy.  I really like her character, and it makes me happy that she's such a big part of the show.  I have decided that I hate Don Draper, because he reminds me of the evil ex... all of the cheating and lying and promising it'll never happen again, but then still doing it.  At least I never had kids with the evil ex... THANK GOODNESS.  Although, at least Don only ever shoved Betty the one time... I would have killed for that instead of what the evil ex did.  Also, I am on season three, and I have no idea how many seasons there actually are.

Speaking of the evil ex, thankfully, he has not responded to the message that I sent him.  I'm sure he's saving up all of his efforts for when I return.  At which point in time, I will shut his ass down like a condemned factory.

Tomorrow is back to school.  Why, I am not entirely sure.  We don't have class, and I don't have anything to prepare, since I won't be here next semester, so, it'll be ten days of me just sitting at my desk.  Blogging and reading blogs... hahaha.  It seems so pointless to have to wake up at seven in the morning for that, though... oh well.

Toodles <3

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