Wednesday, February 9, 2011


So, I got the BEST NEWS EVER today!  But, I'm going to save it for later in this post... muahahahaha!

All of the teachers in the school, including I, went to see a movie today.  I was told about it yesterday.

Actually, I was told "Tara, we will watch movie tomorrow at 3:30, you will come."


Either way, at three, we all piled into my co-teacher's car, and went to the movie theater.

What we ended up watching, was a documentary about this guy, a Korean missionary, who worked in Sudan.  It was about his efforts as a doctor there, and the preaching that he did, and about the filmmakers going back and telling the people that he had helped that he had died of cancer?

I think?

It was ENTIRELY in Korean, so, I just made up that synopsis... because, really, I didn't understand any of the dialogue.

So, we went to see a documentary, entirely in Korean, it was an hour and a half long, and who was one of the only people who stayed awake through the whole thing?

This guy!

That's right, they all understood what was going on, and I had no idea, and I was one of the only people who stayed awake.


Yesterday, one of my co-teachers came up to me and told me that all of the teachers are going on a trip to Jeju island this weekend, and that I will be joining them.  I got all excited, because I really wanted to see Jeju before I left.

After I almost shouted "REALLY?!" there was a big kerfuffle in Korea, accompanied by shouting and arm waving.  At which point, my co-teacher turned to me, laughing, and said "oh, I was not supposed to say, you cannot come..."

Thanks  : (

I got my hopes up, and then, WHAM!  Dashed...  Sad time city.

Anyway, the monotony of sitting in my desk for eight hours with nothing to do because I have no prep work because I won't be here next semester, was broken up in the most EXCITING way when I checked my university administration account...


I was sooooo excited!  I spent all day gathering information and trying to figure out what my courses will be... I had a total nerd overload!

I thought I wasn't going to hear about anything until June, or so!  Best surprise ever!  Early acceptance <3 <3 <3

Well, that's enough of that... haha.

Anyways, back on to packing (barfff).

Toodles <3

Oh, and I celebrated my acceptance letter by treating myself to some hooraeedeu chicken... aka, fried chicken.

Also, I have decided that you all need to listen to this:

And, this, because, clearly, Korea is the new Japan:

And this, because T.O.P. is my boyfriend, even if he did dye his hair blonde, I'd still do him... *swoon*

Okay, that's enough now, sorry... haha

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