Monday, January 3, 2011

more grateful than i expected...

Today, I taught a lesson on Finding Nemo in my winter camp.


I made the lesson before, for my summer camp, couldn't use it--because the level of those students was way too low--so I decided to use one of my "free days" in this camp to basically teach a movie all day and get them to color while I vegged.

Bad teacher.

In all fairness, I did make them read and answer questions in English.  And, I rewarded their correct answers with stickers... I also made it a big group project, so it got them talking in their groups.  So, it's not like I let them do nothing for four hours.

Anyway... I had a copy of Finding Nemo that I had brought with me from Canada.  Obviously, it was made for use in Canada, so it was not in the right region for it to work here.  So, I had to buy a new copy of it this summer, a Korean copy... also, so I could have the Korean subtitles.

I no longer have any use for this DVD, since I am leaving in less than two months (HOLY CRAP!!!).  My co-teacher for the camp has a three year old daughter.  SO, I thought I would ask her if she wanted to movie for her daughter.  I mean, it made sense.  She's teaching her daughter English, and, not only that, but, because it's an animated film, it has also has a version on the DVD that has been dubbed in Korean.

So, I asked her if she thought her daughter would like it, and if she wanted to have it.  She was slightly confused at first.  I explained that I already have a version that will work in Canada, and that this one will not work in Canada, and re-explained that I wanted her to have it for her daughter.  It took a few tries, but she FINALLY caught on.

Her eyes got all wide, and she grabbed my hand, squeezed it with her tiny Korean lady death grip, and said "PRESENT?  FOR MY DAUGHTER??"  To which I replied, "Well, not really a present, it's used... but I would like her to have it, if you think she would like it."  She resultantly got all teary eyed, starting shaking my hand and saying "OH, THANK YOU!  OH, THANK YOU!!" over and over again.

I did not expect such a big reaction.

Her family isn't poor or anything.

It really caught me off guard.

At least I know that she appreciates it, though...

That's my story for the day!

Toodles <3


  1. That's really sweet, and nice of you to pass on the dvd as a gift! I LOLed at the "Korean lady death grip" haha :) Happy 2011!!

  2. Maybe people don't normally give each other things for no reason... you did say your Christmas chocolate trees we're a huge deal. And, no lesson is a bad lesson as long as the children are learning. Good teacher.

  3. hahaha thats adorable, at least you get to feel like you really GAVE something to her lol


  4. Korean ladies DO have a death grip! It's really surprising, because they're all soooo little... haha

    Yeah, I'm thinking that that may be the case, that people don't generally just GIVE people things. It's nice to know how much she really appreciated it, though!


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