Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Today was cooking day in class.

I originally had it arranged so that there would be lessons on cooking and using the kitchen and what's in the kitchen for the first four periods today, and then the fifth period would just be the actual cooking.  We were only making sandwiches, it was ridiculous that they wanted us to do it for two periods.

It was all going accord to plan until my co-teacher approached me and told me that we MUST have two periods for cooking.  I guess forty minutes to make a sandwich isn't enough time, in Korea?

So, we did it her way, and, sure enough, we had an entire period left over.  So, she decided that she would send them all home fifteen minutes early (HURRAY!) and that she would even let me go home five minutes early--I have no idea why, but, no complaints here...

Anyways, back to class!

So, the first period today, I was teaching them the English words for how things taste.  I thought that I would just have to try and describe taste to the kids, because the school board in charge of the camp really never sends supplies on time (we got art supplies two days after the art unit), but, they surprised me, today!  We got supplies in the morning!

So, I got to actually teach them about taste with foods!

Here's what was sent:
Sweet: sugar
Bitter: instant coffee grounds
Sour: lemon
Salty: soy sauce
Spicy: fresh ginger

I started off with sweet, and the two boys in my class had no problem chomping down on as much sugar as possible... the girls, not so much.  Seriously, it was just sugar, they've put worse things in their mouths.  It took some coaxing, but I got them to try it.

Soy sauce was next... salty.  The boys, of course, no problem.  The girls, no.  I had to walk around to each of the four girl tables and drink from each cup to show them that it was fine.  I got a sodium headache as a result.  Drinking soy sauce once, that's fine, four times, not so great.

After the soy sauce (which took at least five minutes to get them all to try it), we moved on to bitter, the coffee grounds.  I didn't have as much trouble convincing the girls to try that, thank goodness.  They were a little wary, but then they liked them, of course.

Next was ginger.  My co-teacher had just placed chunks of it on their plates.  It was still dirty... so I grabbed a piece, washed it off, and cut it into what I thought were little pieces for everyone.  All I heard around the room was "teacher, first!" as they all stared at me.  So, I shoved it in my mouth, and it was HORRID!  I left it in my mouth long enough for the kids to try it before I spat it in the garbage though, hehehehe.  Ginger was officially the least favourite of the day.  I even saw a girl take a sip of the SOY SAUCE to wash the ginger flavour out of her mouth.

Last, but not least, was the lemon, which everyone tried willingly.  After trying the initial sourness, a bunch of the girls decided to pour mounds of sugar onto their lemons before finishing them off.  Yoy.

The rest of the class went as normal.  We learned verbs and vocabulary.  Boring stuff made more fun with BINGO games and speed games.  Sandwich making was messy, but successful... and then I went home early, hurray!

I went to Shinae with Alex and Annie after camp today, and here's some of the cute things that I got to buy!

This pencil holder wasn't exceptionally cute, but I needed to buy it because of what it says:
Audrey Hepburn
we are a otters which likes the river

I <3 Konglish!

And, I guess, it IS kind of cute... hehe.  I like the otter on the side whose head is too big, so he fell over.  I like to imagine that that's what happened there.

I needed a new watch, because I break them so often... so, I got this one!  I couldn't take a very good picture of it, but it's really pretty!

I like this bag, not only because it's Hello Kitty, but, also, because Hello Kitty is saying "I am as tall as five apples."


And, to finish it all off, here's a picture from New Year's Eve:

Toodles, everyone! <3


  1. if you're feeling down and want something to brighten your day go to engrishfunny.com. Trust me, it really works.

  2. "Seriously, it was just sugar, they've put worse things in their mouths. It took some coaxing, but I got them to try it.".......ummmmmmm

  3. Haha, yeah, I have definitely been to that website once or twice!

    YES! And then I coaxed them into my pedo van that was waiting out back! Bahaha

  4. Looks like a pretty successful shopping trip to me!

    I can't get over how cute the hello kitty apple bad and little otters are! omg!

    and ACK! drinking soy sauce! poor thing!

    Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

  5. That hello kitty bag is really cute. And, soy sauce is delicious, I just prefer to dip things in it, not drink it straight.

  6. I felt that it was successful, I also got some hair bows, because my hair is long enough for pigtails, now, and some Nivea lip moisturizer because the weather here is really dry and my lips are hella chapped, and a couple of cute cellphone charms.

    I don't mind soy sauce, it's great for seasoning things and making marinades... but it is AWFUL for drinking. One sip isn't so bad... but four sips later, I definitely had a headache.


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