Saturday, January 1, 2011

hoppy new year...

Hoppy new year, everyone!  Now, to get a bunny!

I believe that we should all be in the same year, as of now...

I almost called my parents when I got home last night, to wish them a happy new year, and then realized that it would have been early-ish in the morning, and my mom would have been at work, and my dad would have still been sleeping.  So, I restrained myself.  I miss them!

Plans for this year:

Returning to my friends and family in Canada.

Buying myself a new bed, and making it my oasis.  Good sheets, I'm going to try and make my own canopy, some cute lights... nice things!  I'll be living with my friend and her boyfriend when I return, so, since I don't have a whole house to myself to make pretty, I'll do my room up!  I'm excited!  I've been planning for a while now!

Go back to school and get an education degree.  I gots mah brainz, may as well use 'em.

Get a bunny... maybe.

See what else life brings my way!  I'm not huuuuge on making plans, because life likes to mess with them, so, we'll see what happens!

Last night was a good night.  not only was it new years, it was also my friend, Annie's, birthday, as well!  We went out to a vegetarian buffet, we went to Alex's and drank a bit and played truth or dare Jenga... this time we corrupted these poor Chinese kids from Alex's university course who had no idea what was going on.  We got them pretty drunk, and one of them definitely tried to make out with Meaghan.  Ohhhhhh scandaloussssss.  As a group, I think that maybe we need to stop collecting unsuspecting groups of Asians who don't really speak much English, or who have no idea what they're getting themselves into, and trying to corrupt them... stop, or do it more often, I forget which, because it's a hell of a lot of fun, and hilarious...

Plans for right now:

Make myself some food.  Oranges are not an appropriate meal, apparently.

Hope you had a great night!  Me, my new hair, my little green dress, my red lipstick, and my Docs sure did!

I have this problem where I try to pair my boots with everything, no matter how appropriate or inappropriate they look with said items of clothing.  They're just so damn pretty, though!

Happy new year, loves!

Toodles <3

Oh!  And!  I got my hot water back the next day!  Not until after I had to have this traditional new year's eve lunch with the principal, the vice principal, and all of the really important administration officers for my school looking like a total grease ball though... yoy.  It was a huuuuge deal, not only because of the people I was eating with, but, also, because the principal's wife prepared the traditional meal.  Thank you, apartment, for making it appear as though I don't bathe...

AAAAND!  It's been kind of cold lately, so things have been freezing.  As in, when people spill shit on the sidewalk, it freezes into a mystery surprise puddle, that I resultantly slip on, and fall on my knee, because I'm not suspecting it.  Not, fun times city.


  1. At least when you fall you can get cute band aids. I always like the children's band aids because they come in neon and super hero.

  2. Love your NYE outfit, and I really like your boots!! I try to wear my cowgirl boots with just about everything, too :)

    Happy New Year!!

  3. I wasn't bleeding, so I didn't even GET a cute bandaid... just a stupid bruise! Sad time city...

    Thanks you! I love the color of my dress, and I love my boots sooooooooo much, they're so comfy! Haha

    I have a pair of cowgirl boots that I try to wear with almost everything, too, haha. I just love boots!

    Happy new year to you, too!


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