Tuesday, December 28, 2010

snack time...

Today, we got snacks at my winter camp.  Yup, the education office provided us with wagon wheels (they call them choco pies here?), oranges, and juice boxes!  It felt like I was in kindergarten, I loved it!

We did drama today, and storytelling.  Apparently, I'm a good storyteller... after I finished reading the books to the kids, they all applauded me, one even shouted ENCORE!  It was kind of fun.  I then made them read the stories from our textbook in groups, and then had each group come to the front and tell us the story they chose... it worked out better than I had imagined it would.

I tried my first ever box of Korean hair dye today.  I went to E-Mart after camp, and asked the lady a bunch of questions in choppy English, accented with pointing, to try to get her to understand what I was asking.  Luckily, I ran into my friend Jeff and his daughter, both of whom can read and speak Korean.  So, Jeff's daughter helped figure out my hair dye... haha.  It looked really red on the box, so I was hoping that the blonde parts under the black in my hair would turn out red red, and the black would stay black.  the black did stay black, but the blonde turned out orange.  Also, I apparently have too much hair for just one box of dye now, so there's blonde in with my orange.  Go me.  I don't even want to imagine what the back looks like.  Maybe I'll buy another box tomorrow, and try again.  I guess it's too much to ask for the hair dye here to be anything close to the color on the box.  Damn my non-Korean hair!!!!  DAMNNNNN YOUUUUUU!!!!!!

Now, for the weather today.  I know weather is a really boring topic, but, seriously, we had it all today.

This morning, I was awoken fifteen minutes early (OHHHH CRUEL FATESSS!!!) by thunder.  Yes, thunder.  I thought it was a train crash until I realized the sound was coming from the sky.  It rained for a bit, and let up before I left for school.  Then, it was sunny, and nice, and relatively warm.  While teaching, the sky turned ominous black, and we got a huge downpour of rain.  It was then sunny but insanely windy for a few hours.  I left school and went to E-Mart, and, while I was talking to Will and Jeff and Jeff's daughter, it started flipping snowing!  Lots and lots and lots of snow, in huge flakes!  They all melted as soon as they hit the ground of course, creating a slushy mess.  The snow let up, and it was calm for a few minutes before slush started falling from the sky... and now it's dark and I don't feel like checking the weather.  Seriously, we had everything today.  Ridiculous.

Anyways, I'm tired and I have to teach art tomorrow, so I am going to head to bed.

Toodles, all! <3


  1. I would like to see pictures of the hair design you have done.

  2. There is a brand that sells proper red red dye, as well as hot pink, purple, yellow and I believe purple as well. Just, uh, fyi. lol I forget the brand name, it's something dumb like "B Me!" You can get it at the Beauty Credit at the bottom end of the lower road, past WA Bar. I've used their bleach before but haven't had the guts to dye my hair pink the way I want lol.

  3. No, seriously, I'm with Erin on wanting to see the multi-colored hair. :) Good luck with the next box of dye!


  4. Thanks, Maggie! I found some dye called "B Happy" which seemed just as ridiculous, so I'm going to try that out.

    And, yes, I will take a picture of the ghetto mess I have on my head before I put the new box of dye in. I have a feeling it's just going to be more orange, though.

  5. I have a feeling that B Happy! must be the one haha. Since I'm expected to look either a) red-headed, or b) blonde at work, I have not had the luxury of testing out that glorious looking red, hot pink, or purple. But I hope it works out for you! Trust me, I know exactly how you feel... haha. I've had some serious hair mishaps in this country lol.

  6. I'm really surprised they haven't fired me because of my hair. Or asked me to change it. The principal told me it looked nice, once. I was surprised.


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