Monday, December 27, 2010

the year we corrupted two korean boys...

Sooooo, In case you didn't notice, it was Christmas this past weekend.

What?!  You say, you had no idea??

Yup, it sure was, and I rented a ski pension with seven of my friends and had a magical time!

I managed to get Friday off from school... it wasn't too hard, we didn't have class.  So, I gave everyone in my office my Christmas gifts to them on Thursday--a box of Ferrero Roche, Belgian chocolate seashells, and a homemade butter tart (homemade by me!).  If you want a fun game, try getting a bunch of Koreans to say Ferrero Roche... it made me giggle every.single.time.  I'm a bad person, I know.

Speaking of school (I promise I will get to my weekend at some point in time in the near future), one of my sixth graders tried to pick me up... and I don't mean as in, lift me off of the floor.  If you recall the tale about the sixth grader who asked me to marry him, it's the same kid.  Except, this time, he offered to give me a private tour of his bedroom, in front of all of his classmates... and my co-teacher.  This is how it went down:

Student One:  Tara Teacher, where in Korea would you like to go?
Cassanova:  My house!  would you like to come to my house with me?  I will show you my bedroom!
Me:  Uhhh....
Student Two: *Things in Korean that I don't understand*
Co-teacher:  *Choosing to translate something for once*  She called him cheesy.
Me:  I want to go to Jeju Island...

How EXACTLY was I supposed to react to that?  He had been asking me for my home address in Canada for the past three weeks, as well, so that he can come and "spend time" with me in Canada.  Awkward.

Okay, so, back to Christmas!

I got up early on Friday to pile in to Annie's car with Meaghan and Zach and 103049204920 pounds of stuff piled on top of us to drive for two and a half hours to our pension in Muju--one of the most famous areas in Korea for skiing, apparently.  It was in these really beautiful mountains and our cabin was all wood... it was spectacular.  We even got snow on Christmas night!

Friday night we sat around drinking and talking and playing Scrabble, it was fun times.  I also fashioned us a Christmas Tree, as in, I freaked out our ajumma neighbours by staring at them through the blinds waiting for them to go inside--seriously, who barbeques at 11:30 at night--they didn't go back inside, so I grabbed a knife from the kitchen, with which to hack down the tree, slapped on my winter jacket, and tried to stealthily sneak across the deck.  Cutting the tree was not so easy, but, as it turns out, tree branches break really easily when they're frozen... so, I snapped one off.  Here's our ghetto tree in a wine bottle:

Saturday was a lazy day, because Meaghan made a delicious French toast breakfast, Annie made an amazing vegetarian minestrone soup for lunch, and Alex and Annie made a SPECTACULAR Christmas dinner!  We even had turkey!  Alex made it on the barbeque, and I believe we dubbed it a smurkon--smokey turkey bacon--because it tasted exactly like bacon.  Crazy!

Here is Alex, Zach, and Alex cracking walnuts for the stuffing with wine bottles... clearly it was a classy Christmas!

We skyped our families on Saturday morning and then had our secret santa gift exchange, it was so much fun!  I got some great socks with non slippy stickies on the bottom, adorable gloves that are basically stuffed animal ram heads, stickers, a wicked cool skull ring, a hair clip, and a cellphone charm!  It was great!  I also took a bath on Saturday... oh, bathtub, how I have missed you.  It was a super deep bathtub, too... it was soooo luxurious!

After Christmas dinner, we invited the super cute boys that were working at the resort over to our pension to have some desert and hang out... AKA, we invited them over to corrupt them.  Massive amounts of mulled wine were consumed, and we involved the poor kids in a game of truth or dare Jenga, which, of course, is not so PG.  Needless to say, we got them really drunk and everyone ended up changing clothes, fun times... haha.  After they left, we laid around on the floor and did Chat Roulette... luckily, there wasn't too much weenis going on.  We did ask every guy we saw to show us their boobs, however... there was plenty of nipple going on... on their part.

Here's the view of our snowy pension on Sunday as we left:

It was a great weekend, even though I ended up with a sinus cold which, coupled with the altitude changes, resulted in me going deaf in my right ear.  But!  If I tilt my head to the side for a couple of minutes, I regain my hearing!

Oh, the heating isn't working in my apartment anymore, so, I'm freezing to death... hurray!

I won a blogging award from with cherry on the freakin' top!

In honor of tradition, here are five random facts about me:

1.  I've only been to two countries in my life... Canada and Korea!  Hehehe

2.  I get nervous travelling to different cities by myself, yet I moved across the world alone.

3.  I can't eat spicy food... ever.  I'm prone to stomach ulcerations because I'm a high stress person, and spicy food will pretty much kill me.  Also, I have a low spice tolerance.

4.  I take random bus rides for fun.  I love to hop on random buses just to see where they go, and so I can see new scenery.

5.  I pretty much have no immune system.  If someone around me gets sick, I will get sick almost immediately after coming into contact with them.

So, there's five random things about me, now to pass my blog onto five other bloggers, because I look forward to each and every one of their blog posts:

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Hurray!  Now go read their blogs, because they make me smile when I see that they have a new blog post up!

Toodles, everyone <3


  1. Where is this place, and what is the name of the resort? I want to go here!


    We stayed in the 168m2 pension

  3. Yeah... that didn't turn out to be as much of a link as I was hoping it would be...

  4. Mine's a sad Christmas. Only me and my 4-foot Christmas tree...*sigh*. I'm so envious. :)

  5. Hahaha, there was no way in hell I could have broken a 4 foot tree down

  6. What a wonderful way to spend Christmas! That resort is absolutely gorgeous.

  7. I love your little Charlie Brown Christmas Tree haha, it's adorable.

    And those socks with the non-slip stickers on the bottom are the best. Especially with wooden floors, girl,you'll be set.

    And that resort was beautiful, so christmas-y. Looks like you had a white christmas, though, so more fun to that.

    Love your blog! Following you!

  8. It really was a great way to spend Christmas, it was my first ever Christmas away from home, so it was nice to have great friends to spend it with!

    Haha, yeah, our tree was cute as all get out... I just had to freak out some adjummas to get it! And, the socks totally did save my ass on those wood floors and wood stairs, oi vay, those things were slippery. I thought it would have been kind of neat to have my first Christmas ever with no snow, but no such luck, oh wells, it wasn't too too cold! And, thanks! I'm glad you enjoy my blog!

  9. I didnt have a bath tub in england either! but luckily my then boyfriend did. and it was so joyous!

    That pension, or whatever, looks so nice!! Im very jealous!!

  10. Oh man, I grew up not having a bathtub, we just had a shower, so, anytime I get to take a bath, it is such a treat... especially in a super nice tub like that one. I could have slept in there!


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