Wednesday, December 29, 2010

my korean hair chronicles...

I have changed my hair about 75 times in the past month.  Mostly because, I can't actually do interesting things with my hair here, like I would in Canada.

So, without further ado...

My hair chronicles:

Right before leaving for Korea, I had blue hair.  I miss my blue hair a lot, and it will probably be blue again at some point in time in the future.  I had to dye my hair "normal" to get a job.  I look like a mess in this picture because it was my birthday... also, I was a lot fatter than I am now.

I moved to Korea and got a bad haircut.  I then decided that I would attempt to grow out my hair.  My bangs look like a baseball cap, and my camera was shitty quality.

I cut my own bangs, it was probably a mistake.  My nerd glasses are really awesome, though!

The bowl cut incident... who wants arched bangs?  Eff...

My hair is finally long enough for pig tails!  I don't dress like this on normal occasions, this was Halloween.

I finally get a half decent haircut that doesn't look like a bowl is resting on my head.  Thank goodness.  And, despite the fact that it's in the growing out phase, my hair doesn't look so terrible.

This is my toque this winter.  For realsies.  My students love it.

One month ago.  Pre-dye job.  I cut my bangs myself... again... hahaha

The dye job that looked good, and then washed out after two days... professional job my ass.

I was resultantly left with blonde and black.  I don't feel as though I am capable of pulling off blonde in my hair.

And then it got more blonde...

So, last night, I dyed it "red."  Red my ass.  Thanks for nothing, Korean boxed dye.  I'm all blonde and black and orange.  Please excuse the next few photos, I took them today, and I'm not wearing any make-up... nor am I wearing a bra in the last two... bahaha.

My face is not red from dye, it's red from my exfoliating face scrub... but, at least my hair is more red!

Also, I am ridiculous...

So, that's it... mah year in hair.  Mostly from the past month and a half.  Yoy.

Toodles <3


  1. I always wish I was brave enough to dye my hair. But A) I'm not and B) Hair creativity has never been one of those things I excel at. When it is long, it's long and tangled. When it is short it's messy and short. Simple.

    From the little I know about Korea fashion sense your cool hair must have made you stylish and chic. Only, did it bother your school that your hair was a non-standard color at times?

    PS the tiger shot, I'm loving it!
    PPS can you get rid of the word protection thing. The spam filter is wicked good on blogger and it does deter comment traffic.

  2. I've been dying my hair since the 7th grade. It started off just subtle red changes, then I went blonde (MISTAKE!)... and from there it went to all pink and all blue, red, and all sorts of crazy things in between. I LOOOOVE dying my hair, and, somehow, despite constantly chemically attacking it, it stays healthy.

    The kids love my hair, that's for sure... and I get some surprised reactions on the street and in the store. My school seems fine with it, no one has asked me to change it... so I'm not complaining. I was a litttlllleeeee worried the first time I got the red underneath, though.

    Haha, thanks, I love my tiger toque, its so soft and cute!

    And, I totally got rid of the word protection thinger. I thought I had it turned off, but I guess I was wrong! Either way, annoyance solved!

  3. I'm so envious that you're brave enough to do things with your hair.

    I once had a haircut like picture #2. It's pretty hard to keep it that way. My hair always fall down to my nose. Love the glasses BTW. :)

  4. I love that you're not wearing a bra, I'm addicted to mine, I shall live vicariously through your lack of boobie restraints. I love the red. I used to have mine pink, it was so awesome.

  5. Yes yes YES!
    I've been contemplating doing something funky with my hair, but I don't have your cajones. Thanks for the motivation love. I vote you try a darker blue sometime. I think it'd look great on you.


  6. My mom had one of those "it's just hair, it'll grow back/you can always fix the colour" sort of attitudes while I was growing up, so I sort of adopted that for myself. I really just like trying new things with my hair... and this is about as wild as I'm allowed to get with it in Korea.

    As for the no bra... I ALWAYS wear a bra, until I shower and put on my house lounging clothes. so, I was lounging around with no bra on when I went to take those pictures, and then realized afterwards, haha

  7. very nice tara. i wish i could dye my hair! damn being blessed with natural red hair!! haha

    maybe when im old ill be able to dye it

  8. Your hair is naturally that colour of red?! I would KILL for hair like that! You are so lucky!


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