Monday, May 13, 2013

if robyn were to do my day eleven post...

So, if you all remember, day eleven of the "Blog Every Day in May" challenge was: "sell yourself in ten words or less."  I saw on another blog that I frequent, that the writer had asked her fiance to come up with some words to help describe her, and I thought that it might be hilarious to ask Robyn what he would come up with for me.  Well, as I've learned, I, apparently, have the sweetest fiance (hubby in five days!!!) ever!  Here is what he came up with (he came up with ten descriptors, instead of just ten words, but it's so sweet that I'll allow it :P):

Bright eyes
Impish grin
Busy fingers
Playful ideas
Warm heart
Knows what she wants
Sassy (sassy was an after thought... he asked me how many he had, and when I told him nine, he was like "oh, sassy, put that on there!"  He knows me all too well...)

What a sweetheart!

So, I figured I would give it a go, and I would describe him in ten words:

Childlike innocence

He'll eventually read this list, probably sometime this week... he reads my blog when he has downtime at work :)

On an unrelated note!  I got to pick up my wedding dress today!!  Every time I try it on, it makes me that much more excited for the wedding.  I love my dress so much!  It's a bit big on me... serves me right for dieting before the wedding, after giving the dress to the tailor.  It'll be fine, though :)  Five more days until the wedding!!!

Hope you all are having a stellar day... I think I'm gonna go have some hammock time :)  The weather outside is PERFECT today... here's hoping it sticks around for the wedding!

Toodles, lovelies!

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