Sunday, April 7, 2013

hair and makeup...

So, the big question I've been asking myself about my wedding lately, is what do I want to do with my hair and what do I want my makeup to look like.


So excited...

My gorgeous sister is going to be my maid of honor, and, because the wedding is so small, she's the only bridesmaid I'm having.

Gorgeous sister alert!

That's my amazing sister and my cutie pie little niece when she was almost four months old!

Anyway, where was I?

Oh!  Yes!  Hair and makeup!

I think I finally have it figured out!

My sister and I are going to have matching elements to our hair, namely, a swooping fringe braid.

My sister's will look something like this, since her hair is long:

And, my hair will look something like this, plus my veil:

Also, I won a contest that was run by a lovely lady named Sherri, where I get my makeup trial for my wedding done for free!  So exciting.  She just recently posted a 1920's inspired makeup look on her facebook fan page, and I just KNEW that that was what I needed for my makeup!  Something sassy and bold, but also really classy:

I'm so excited for her to do my makeup!  You should check out her Facebook fan page, she is really talented!

I forgot to mention my jewelry for the big day in my last post!  But, that's okay it fits in here, too!  Here's a quick little shot of the matching sterling silver and Swarovski pearl necklace and earrings I will be wearing:

On an unrelated note, I've been super swamped with making my place cards for the reception dinner.  I got the bright idea to make an origami flower, and attach one to each place card.  They look really good, but they are so much work!

Here's what the finished products are going to look like:

Half will have blue flowers, and the other half will have yellow flowers.  I really like how they look, but I'm getting sick of origami, haha.

Speaking of... I'd better get back to my origami adventure.  I'm so glad I only have to make 24 of these flowers, and not 150...

Toodles, lovelies!

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