Wednesday, April 10, 2013

been writing my vows...

So, I've been feeling a bit creative lately, what with making my centerpieces and name plates for the tables and random origami flowers to use as decorations, but I've been moving towards being creative writing creative, too.  I've always loved writing, whether it's short stories, non-fiction, poetry... whatever I'm feeling at the moment.

Robyn and I decided that, as well as using the vows that the Government of Alberta requires to be included, we would also write our own vows for each other.  I started working on mine probably a month and a half ago, and I think I was looking for a little spark of inspiration that just wasn't happening.  Writing this paragraph suddenly seemed like a daunting task.  It wasn't until I saw a piece of poetry being performed that that spark finally ignited a fire.  I knew that it had to be poetry.

So, I sat down at my computer, erased what I had written so far, and my vows just started pouring out of me.  I had honestly not felt that creatively inspired for a long time, and with the words just pouring out of me, writing seemed like freedom.

I've decided to share with you all, what I have written for my vows so far.  It will probably change a bit as the date draws nearer, but I'm pretty pleased with what I have.  So, without further ado, here are my vows:

I never stopped.
Stopped looking.
Stopped hunting.
Stopped searching.
Stopped trying.
Until you stopped me
You surprised me,
And delighted me.
You felt like the perfect fit
The first time I tried you on.
You’re my one.
You’re not one in a million,
You’re one in one,
Because there is no other one
In existence
Who can measure up to all you measure up to.
In my eyes you are perfect,
And I hope that you can see that reflected
I kissed a lot of frogs
Before I found my prince.
Because that is what you are.
My prince charming,
My charming prince,
Just plain charming.
I am in love with you,
And I could not find a way to say it plainly.
Maybe I just wanted it to be said aloud.
And loud.
You give me goosebumps.
You give my goosebumps, goosebumps.
And let’s not even talk about the butterflies.
Every time I look at you,
Or think about you,
Or hear about you,
Or talk about you,
I hope they never go away.
Loving you,
My one and only,
Is the sweetest sensation
That I can imagine.
You hold me up
And never let me down,
And I will never stop thanking you
For being so perfectly you.
So, on this day,
Our wedding day,
I promise to be your equal.
No lesser.
No more than.
Your true equal.
I promise to stand with you,
Even when it seems like the world isn’t.
I promise to hold your hand,
Even when mine are freezing cold,
Even though it’s summer.
You warm my hands like you warm my heart.
I promise to walk beside you,
And match you stride for stride,
Even though my legs are shorter.
I promise to invest in you
My love, my happiness, my pride,
Because investing in you
Is the best investment I could make.
I promise to make you laugh,
When something has darkened your day.
I promise to be worthy of your love,
And to let you know
That you are worthy of mine.
I promise to tell you I love you.
A hundred times a day.
I’m sure you’re used to that by now.
I promise to forgive you,
In any situation that asks forgiveness,
As I am sure we will run into this at least once.
There are a million more promises
That I could make to you
On this day.
But, I find it best to end with this:
I promise to love you.

Yup :)

Oh!  Another little wedding update: my dad got a brand new suit and shoes and everything to walk me down the aisle!

Doesn't he look great!

Well, that's all for tonight!  Toodles, lovelies!

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