Tuesday, November 1, 2011

adventures in boredom...

So, lately I have felt like things were getting a bit boring, and I didn't have much to write about.  I've been working and going to school, and that's about it.  I was bored with it, and I didn't want to bore you all with it...

...then I changed my mind and decided I would bore you all, anyway!

So, this weekend I decided to partake in Halloween festivities.  I possibly partook a wee bit too much.  It was a fun night, though!  Here's a little snapshot of my costume:

I met up with some friends, and we went out to a little shindig at a bar, and then I paid for how much fun I had all day the next day!

So, in my little apartment, I have to share a bathroom with the person who lives on the other side of the laundry room from me, and, thusly, I have dubbed him "bathroom boy."

For the most part, I never really SEE bathroom boy, that is, until we got home from our respective Halloween festivities this Saturday.  Unfortunately, I got a lesson in just how truly stupid bathroom boy is...

I guess bathroom boy decided that having a girl living in the same place as him should have its advantages for him.  He guessed wrong.  He knocked on my door about ten minutes after I got back, and decided to strike up a conversation... I'm using the term conversation lightly.  Bathroom boy is possibly one of the dumbest people I have EVER met.  He's one of those really really annoying people who thinks he is super smart, but, really, lacks any form of intelligence.  Here are a few gems from the "conversation" we had:

Bathroom boy: So, are you a Satanist?
Me: What?...
Bathroom boy: What's with all the owls?
Me: I just like owls...
Bathroom boy: Owls are symbols of Satan, you probably should have looked into that.
Me: Right, because my owl tattoos look so Satanic. I like owls, and I'm an atheist, I could care less.

Or, this little gem:

Bathroom boy: Why do you have all that shit all over your face?
Me: I went to a Halloween party tonight...
Bathroom boy: Yeah, but why do you have all that crap on your face?
Me: It was part of my Halloween costume...
Bathroom boy: Yeah, but what's with all the makeup?
Me: Do I need to explain to you what Halloween is?
Bathroom boy: No, it's why I'm wearing this bandanna on my head, I'm one of those Mexican death catchers.
Me: I'm La Catrina, you know, from the Day of the Dead imagery.
Bathroom boy: So you think you're a death catcher, too?
Me: No.
Bathroom boy: So what's with all that shit on your face?
Me: *blank stare*

And then!  The icing on the cake!  After illustrating just how stupid he was, he took it a step further, and tried to get in my pants!

Tried being the operative word.  I don't think so, bathroom boy.

Anywhoodles, I should head off to write my essay that I have to take a late on.  I've never had to take a late on any assignment, ever, but, I just did not have time to finish the novel I had to review, so, here I am.

Better late than, never, right?

Toodles, lovelies <3

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