Saturday, February 12, 2011

oh, korea...

Korean chips are gross... Korea is really not so good at the snack food making.

They're all weird flavoured.  Even the original chips have something... unidentifiable.

I haven't had Korean chips in months, and I ran to the ministop to grab a quick snack.  My nap left my tummy hurting, as they always do.

Does anyone else have that problem?  You take an ickle nap and wake up with a HORRIBLE tummy ache?  Gah.  My stomach will be the death of me.

Anyways, they changed the frickin' bag, so I almost didn't recognize them.  I always go for the same ones.  I tried some "nacho" ones, once, and they tasted of fish and kimchi.  So, with safety in mind, I go for original.

The new bag apparently included some child safety features or some crap like that, because I had a hell of a time getting into it... seriously, I ended up cutting it open with scissors.

I was then greeted with a firm reminder of why I haven't eaten Korean chips in a while.

Barfaroni... they were not delicious.

I have yet to find a truly delicious snack food in Korea... and, with two weeks left, I don't think it's gonna happen.

Wait, I lied, street vendor snacks are delicious.  Hot sugary cinnamon pancakes, the bread filled with sweet bean paste.

I hate beans, but I love the bred filled with sweet bean paste!

But, we don't have any street vendors by my apartment.

On an entirely different note, I went to E-mart today and got pinched by an old lady while waiting for the bus.

I walked to the bus stop by my house, and she was waiting for a bus, too.  I was just standing there, minding my own business, when she comes trundling over to me, smiling a huge ass smile and cackling in Korean.

I looked behind me to see if maybe there was a cute baby or something.  Nope, the halmonie was heading right for me.

She grabbed hold of my arm, and looked up at me, continued to cackle away in Korean while I (assumedly) stared at her with a wide eyed confused expression on my face.  She held onto my arm for a while before reaching up, pinching my cheeks, and then hobbling back to the bench she was sitting on before.

Sufficiently confused, my bus pulled up, and I got on, wondering what the crap just happened, all the way to E-mart.

Also, I cleaned out my fridge today, resultantly, the only things left in it are:  1 bottle of soju, 1 bottle of vitamin water, 1 bottle of iced tea, 2 XL Heinekens, a half a liter of milk, ice cubes, and ice packs.  I obviously have my priorities in order.

Now, I must sort through my clothes and figure out which shall be donated, and which are coming home.  I obviously have a fun night planned.

Toodles, loves <3

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