Wednesday, February 2, 2011

it's time...

... for another stimulating round of:

CRAP I FOUND IN THE OCEAN!!!!  (here's where I put the little warning that this post has got lots o' pictures)



So, I went to the beach with Alex, today.  It was a delicioussss ten degrees, at least, outside!

We didn't go swimming, I promise... still too cold!

Here's what the day looked like:

Across the beach, looking out towards the little island, and part of Yeochon


I liked these barnacles living on the plastic pipe, they were stripey and kind of cool

Neat rocks, all smoothed out from the tide

Ajumma digging for sea food

Ajumma, again, looking out towards Yeochon

Alex, taking a picture of an ajumma cracking shells on the rocks


We walked all the way around a chunk of the ocean area that Yeochon is built along... apparently we walked for two hours!  It was a lot of fun... kind of hard to walk around on in some parts, but really pretty.

And now, for my collection of things that I have found on the beach during various adventures... brace yourselves!

A starfish that was ALREADY DEAD before I drunkenly shoved it in my purse one night

Pieces of pottery that have been broken and worn apart by the ocean

Sand dollars!

If you break open a sand dollar, there's these little things inside that look like doves... this is the best picture that I could get.  They fell out of the sand dollar (above) that has the big hole in the top.

I love how thick this shell is

Some seashells.  The broken ones at the bottom of the picture are these really fab fragments of super thick shells, they're so smooth and pretty

I love the scalloped edges on this one

Sea glass!  Love love LOVE!

One of the bigger pieces, I have no idea what it used to be

The biggest piece, it's suuuper heavy, and I have NOOO idea what it ever was.  I'm assuming, a blob that nobody ever loved, so they threw it into the ocean... and now I love it!

I love the bottle top sea glass

A close up of my favourite piece of sea shore pottery that I've found

Sooooo, that was my day, today.

I did, eventually, go to bed last night.  I fell asleep around 4:30 in the morning, and woke up around 9:30.  Not impressed.

Here's hoping I sleep tonight!

Toodles <3

Oh, also, I'd love for you all to meet my new boyfriend:


P.S., that is not my hand, it's Alex's.  I feel like that picture is even more weird if you think that that is my hand, for some reason.  Who knows why I think what I do!

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