Friday, January 28, 2011


So, thank you for all of the supportive comments, I really appreciated them, and I will go back and respond to them right after I write this.  You guys are the nicest readers in the whole darn world <3

I would like to say that I DID in fact force myself to go to Gwangju the next day!

Aaaaddddd... I may have rewarded myself with an over-priced MAC lipstick, in Russian Red.  I've been looking for a super matte red lipstick for a while now... and this one is everything I've been looking for.  I'm so excited about it!

So, getting to MAC wasn't so bad, Shinsegae department store is attached to the bus terminal.  I hate going in there, though... it's all mountains of Louis Vuitton purses and stuff.  I was afraid I was going to knock over a stack of something classy and that it was going to get a smear on it or something and then I'd have to buy the whole stack of whatever I knocked over.  Diamond encrusted Dior coats or something.

After that, I wanted to go to shinae to the shopping area to buy some Christmas gifts and stuff for my family.  There was a line up of taxi drivers outside of the bus terminal, all standing around and smoking.  The one with the best English, I assume, approached me as I walked towards the taxi stand, and asked me where I needed to go.  I told him I wanted to go the shinae YMCA, and he giggled, and told me that the way I said shinae was very beautiful.  Uh, thanks?  That's kind of a funny compliment, haha.  The taxi driver that ended up driving me to shinae asked me what I was doing, and then he said "dress shopping?"  Which, I wasn't, but I told him I was anyways, because it was just easier that way.  Then he asked me if I was going car shopping?  Uh, no, thanks, not in Korea, you people drive like maniacs.

I bought two cute shirts at UNIQLO, a cute white one with black stripes, and a black one.  Actually, they're the same skirt, just in different colours.  They're three tiers and kinds shortish and have little dangley fringey things on each layer.  I don't do them much justice by describing them, and I can't find them on the website... oh wells.  AAAALLLLL I know is that they're cute.

I also got my Swarovski fish keychain fixed.  One of his tail fins fell off a while ago, and I was super sad, so, I took him back to the place where I bought him, and got him fixed.  Hurrah!  Back to his cutey full fishy goodness,

I bought some gifts for my family, wandered around a bit more, had a chicken sammich for dinner, and then came back to Yeosu.  I was pretty damn proud of myself for going!

Oh, and I went to the stationery store in the bus terminal and bought myself a whole bunch of cute letter writing paper.  I'm going to start writing letters again, damnit!

Thusly, I have decided that I will tackle Seoul next week.  I am slightly freaked out at the prospect, and feeling a bit panicky, but I've already been making reservations and plans, and I plan on buying the train tickets today or tomorrow, so, I'm kind of making it so that I don't have the chance to say no and back out... on myself?

Last night, I got my tattoos done!

I didn't end up getting my back tattoo, I decided to get my owls done that I have been lusting after for the past year or so:

My original sketches were back in Canada... somewhere, so I just redrew them and changed them up a bit.  I got them done on the inside of my upper arm, right above the elbow crease.  It was painfulllll, but totally worth it, they turned out so cute!  I love them!  They took two hours each, and the lady who did them did such an amazing job.  I'll take a picture later!

Anywhoodles, that's it for now.  I'm going to go catch up on my blog readingggg.

Toodles <3


  1. Those are such cute owls, do they mean something to you or are they just really cute? Also, it's great that you got yourself to go out, and good came of it in the form of cute skirts!

  2. Basically they're just some of my random sketches that I fell in love with. I was watching movies and sketching one night, instead of writing a paper, most likely... and I just fell in love with them!

  3. those owls are pretty cute. I want arm tats so bad....but I hate wearing long sleeves.
    *starts chant*
    Pictures!Pictures!Pictures!Pictures!Pictures!Pictures!Pictures!Pictures!Pictu Pictures!Pictures!Pictures!Pictures!Pictures!Pictures!Pictures!Pictures!Pictures!Pictures!Pictures!Pictures!Pictures!Pictures!Pictures!Pictures!Pictures!Pictures!Pictures!Pictures!Pictures!Pictures!Pictures!Pictures!Pictures!Pictures!Pictures!

  4. I have two on each arm now, and no one has asked me to put on long sleeves, yet, haha. I think you should go for it!

    Also, pictures are up!


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