Monday, January 10, 2011

the time i found out that...

Iggy Pop lived down the street from me.

Yup, apparently Iggy Pop lives in a really shitty neighbourhood in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.  In a really crappy and decrepit house.  With living room furniture in his back yard.

Actually... that kind of is the image I have of how Iggy Pop WOULD be living.

Seriously, though, folks.  When I first moved to the city, I lived in this AWFUL basement suite with my sister.  Whilst walking to the grocery store one day, I walked by this house a block away from mine, and there was a dude mowing the lawn.  Not JUST mowing the lawn, no... but ALSO kicking apples that had fallen off of the tree in the neighbours yard, onto his lawn, underneath the lawnmower, and watching them burst into rotting apple goo, as he went along.  Also, he looked just like Iggy Pop, including the fact that he was not wearing a shirt.

So, shitbox house, destructive apple killing lawn mowing tendencies, no shirt, and he looks just like Iggy Pop.

There was no way he wasn't Iggy Pop.

I am only 3% sorry if you find this video offensive.

A few months later, the evil ex and I were walking by another house a few blocks away from mine, and it turns out that it was for sale... BY TOMMY LEE.

Ohmahgah, guys, Tommy Lee is a REALTOR now!  AND!!!!  I lived down the road from Iggy Pop.

I know what you're all thinking, WHY DID I EVER MOVE??

Mostly because my landlord was insane and tried to get us to move out by freezing us to death in the middle of a horrible Albertan winter.  That's a story for another time.

Toodles <3


  1. That was a super catchy song, it will now be in my head all day.

  2. My mum and I absolutely adored Iggy Pop! She was a secretary for a lawyer who knew them personally, too. A defense lawyer, mind you, who also was good friends with the leader of the Hell's Angels bikergang in Alberta.

    Ah... she lived an interesting life... =P

  3. haha tara this is a funny post...

  4. Love that Peaches song :) And wow, who knew Alberta Canada was a hot spot for aging rockstars? That really rules!

  5. Not wearing a shirt? Definitely has to be him. I like it :)

  6. what the what?!? did you ever chat him up?!
    also? i am now desperado to know what your coo-coo landlord story is!!!!!!

  7. Hehe, it still makes me laugh when I think about him kicking the apples under his lawnmower, and the evil little chuckle he had when they exploded out the side in gross apple goo chunks.

    Krista: That is crazy! It totally sounds like your mom lead an interesting life!

    Jess: I didn't talk to him, unfortunately, because I was pretty sure that he was mentally unstable. I used to hear him yelling at his cats all the time when I would walk by his house. Also, the landlord story is a sequence of bad landlord experiences, which I will document for suresies, haha

  8. How random! But what a cool story to be able to tell people! You should definitely try to snap a picture to post hahaha


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