Friday, January 14, 2011


I've been super tired this week, and, thusly, my blog has been neglected.  Sorry!

This is my last week of winter camp (hurray!), and the kids I've had this week, have obviously decided that they want to try and kill me.  It's become very obvious.

The kids from my school were amazing, and I love them, the kids I had last week were really sweet and cute, the kids from my third school, this week... are devil children.

They knew they only had me as a teacher for three days, so they took advantage of it, and raised hell for all three of them.  Yesterday, I started teaching at 9 a.m., by 10, I already had a migraine and had started to lose my voice, by 10:30, I wished I had had a beer or seven for breakfast, and, by the time class was over, I just wanted to go home and sleep for an entire week.

Not only did they not listen to me, ever, they also talked LOUDLY through the entire class, ignored me entirely, would behave for two seconds before reverting back to being devil spawn, and they were little jerks.

Some of them were good, I had a few kids on my side who would yell at the rest to shut up, but, for the most part, they were little hellions.

I spent a good portion of my time yelling, tossing my book loudly on my desk, playing the clapping game to get them to pay attention, putting my hands on my head and giving them the death glare while I waited for all of them to follow suit and stop talking and put their hands on their heads, sighing loudly and sitting in my desk chair and staring at them while I waited for all of them to realize that I was mad and that they should stop talking, just leaving the classroom, threatening to take away the fun activities and make them write lines, separating all of the kids who were talking... I TRIED EVERYTHING.

Luckily, today was the last day that I had to teach just them, tomorrow, all three school come together for one large group game thing.  Each teacher has to come up with some games to teach, I'm going to do dodgeball and red rover... then, I don't have to teach again until the eighth of February, and, even then, I might not have class.

I seriously need a huge ass break after this.  Winter camp is brutal.  I think I might get another tattoo over break, I'm finishing up the design right now.

I will write something better this weekend, I promiseeeeeeeeee, right now I'm tired and just want to work on my deisgn.

Toodles <3


  1. ive been so tired this week too! but didnt have any misbehaving children to attend too!

  2. When you play dodge ball, throw the ball hard at the bad kids. Really smack 'em with it. hehehe

  3. red rover!!!!!!!!!!!! i LOVED that game when i was little :D

    i can't believe how fresh some kids can be! i would never in 1 trillion years have EVER been loud/ bad in class!

  4. Red Rover was the best game ever! I got so excited when I remembered it so that I could teach it to the kids.

    And, yeah, I would have never ever misbehaved like these kids did, it drove me insane. It seriously made me not want to go back there.


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