Sunday, December 19, 2010


My brain and I have currently reconciled, I have bribed it with Christmas oranges in the hopes that it will let me escape the usual Sunday night insomnia because my brain refuses to stop thinking about everything that I am usually subjected to.

The Christmas party last night was a lot of fun!  We got to dress up all purdy and spend the night with friends:

I even slapped on some fake lashes and wore the shawl thinger that my aunt gave me!  It's all beads, and amazingly comfy!  I think when I get back to Canada, I'm going to start wearing red lipstick more in my day to day life.  I love it so much... it's just a bit shocking for Korea.

Aside from the incident where I was served more alcohol than I bargained for in the two drinks that I consumed, and the fact that my contacts were really dry and annoying by the end of the night, I had an amazing time!

Gifts were collected for the kids in the orphanage, part of my holiday shopping conducted earlier last week.  I purchased three gifts, since my gift giving list is rather small this year:
Gloves, a notebook, a pencil case, and a bunch of pens, highlighters, pencils, erasers, pencil leads, etc. for a high school aged boy.
A notebook, a pencil case, and a bunch of pens, highlighters, pencils, erasers, pencil leads, etc. and a bear that folds out into this really cute bag for a middle school girl.
Some nail polish, lip gloss, hand lotion, and handmade soap for a high school girl.

I hope they enjoy their gifts!

I met some new people last night, and mingled with some others that I hadn't seen in a while.  I really love the group of people we have in this city for the most part... though, there was a rather scowly gentleman who seemed to start a lot of crap with people last night.  I didn't meet him, nor did I care to.  I don't feel like dealing with the drama of that.  Plus, you're not entirely approachable when you have an angry scowl on your face all night.

Today was a lazy day.  I called my mom and dad, and had a nice little chat, and I even got to have a skype date with my sister--who called in the middle of my afternoon nap.  I love my family so much, we've always been so close, they're the most amazing people that I know, I owe them so much.

My mom informed me that she's not really in the Christmas spirit this year, and she hasn't even decorated the tree yet!  Usually she's trying to pull Christmas stuff out more than a month in advance.  She told me that she feels guilty that I won't be there for Christmas this year.  I think she might be homesick for me.  She's so sweet.  I told her to cheer up and not to worry, because I'll be around plenty of great people for Christmas this year.  I will miss my family, though.  It's my first Christmas away from home!

This year, for Christmas, there's a group of eight of us heading up to this AMAZING ski resort.  There will be drinking, shenanigans, movies, music, and a delicious homestyle Christmas dinner.  I am SO EXCITED!  I managed to get Christmas Eve off, so I have a good three day weekend before my three weeks of winter camp... thank goodness!

Well, I am going to head back to watching The Holiday.

Toodles, all <3



  1. Sounds like you had a great night! ^_^ That shawl is BEAUTIFUL!!! Absolutely love it! And the lipstick is fab. ^_^

    That guy sounds like a dick.

    Hope you have a great Christmas Eve and Day! My in-laws are totally homesick for my wife and I, even though we're 30 minutes away. :P Parents do that!

  2. i love your makeup, and that shawl is wonderful! you remind me of a punky faerie! =)

  3. Angela: Yeah, it was a really fun night, I had a great time. And, thank you! I'm glad I had the opportunity to wear the shawl, and I absolutely love red lipstick. I hope you have a great Christmas Eve and Day, as well!

    Hope: Thank you! Haha, punky faerie, that's cute, thanks!

  4. I'm excited to hear about all the Christmas shenanigans! You know how much I love those! :D

  5. I'm excited to see what shenanigans go down! It promises to be a fun time, that's for sure.

  6. Rock your red lipstick, lady! Too many cocktails? Was there soju involved? hahah

  7. Thanks, I definitely will once I return to Canada!

    And I only had two drinks, but the lady was putting in 2 1/2 shots in each one, so it was so brutal... it was pretty much just booze colored with non-alcoholic mix.

    And I avoid soju like the plague, that stuff is deadly! Tastes just like how nail polish remover smells, haha


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