Sunday, February 14, 2010

literally two minutes after that last post...

Oh how the tides have turned.  Here I was, thinking I would be leaving, well, TODAY, and where am I right now?  Not on an airplane.  Not in a country that has warm weather.  No... frozen Alberta.  Oh cruel fates.  Yes, two minutes after my last blog post, I was sent an e-mail by my recruiter, informing me that my school had changed its mind, that they wanted me to get my visa before I left the country.  So, here I am, with an open date plane ticket on hold,waiting for the consulate to do their thing.  And the weather is sucking.  Or maybe I just feel like complaining.

What have I been filling my time with, you may ask?  Well... baking  (and battling my scumbag ex-landlord)!  What else?  Cupcakes, cinnamon rolls, applesauce cake, you name it.  And making (yes, making... out of paper) flowers for Rick, whom I actually got to spend Valentine's day with, which was nice.  I guess I should start to pack my bags, have them ready to leave at a moments notice, it would be the wise thing to do.  But, I must say, packing is even worse when you don't know when you're going to get to leave.  My guess: next Tuesday.  Let's see if I'm right.

As for the landlord... I gave him a piece of my mind... a piece that included some not so nice words being screamed at him over the phone.  Over a month to return a damage deposit, which he has decided that, after telling me for over a month that he's going to mail the cheque as soon as he can, he's not going to return any of my money anymore... because he witheheld the bills for six months amd he wants the money now.  It's a long and complicated story that involved some very unladylike words, a lot of frustration, and maybe even some angry tears.  Needless to say, I told him I would be filing a consumer complaint with the residetial tenancy board, and all of a sudden he decided that he would try and bribe me with $50 of my $350 damage deposit.  I'm going to cash his $50 cheque and then file the complaint.  Hah.

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  1. What a D-bag. Ughh, I remember the stories. I hope you called him all kinds of mean things.


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