Friday, May 10, 2013


Tomorrow is a day filled with rehearsals.  We have to be at the Devonian Gardens by 10:45 tomorrow morning, so that we can start our wedding rehearsal  by 11, since our justice of the peace has something like four other weddings to take care of tomorrow.

After that, we go to the hair salon, where we have our hair trial (and I finally get a damn haircut!  Yay!).

I'm thinking of really changing up my hairstyle, going back to the straight across bangs, and going with a cute fringe braid hairstyle for my wedding.

After the wedding rehearsal, and the hair rehearsal, we have the rehearsal dinner, at one of our favourite restaurants in the city, 4404.  I LOVE 4404!  The food is always amazing... even if it is a bit pricey.  I'm just sad that they don't have my favourite dish, anymore... the osso buco.  It was delicious, and melted in your mouth.  I'm sure whatever I get this time will be amazing, as well :)

I'm excited for our day filled with rehearsals, tomorrow.  It should be a busy busy and fun day!  I'm also really excited to get my hair cut!

Don't forget to enter my totally awesome 10 000 page views giveaway!  It will be awesome!  I will draw for the winner on June 10th!

Toodles, lovelies!

Oh, if you could all wish future hubs a speedy recovery, that would be super... the silly guy caught strep throat a week before our wedding and honeymoon!

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