Monday, April 29, 2013

i messed up my sleep cycle...

So, things have been going pretty good with my sleeping pattern lately.  I've been taking 10mg of melatonin before bed, and it conks me out in no time.  I've been sleeping so well!

Aside from the nightmares...

I guess nightmares are a side effect of melatonin.  Oh well, I'll take that over not sleeping!

Anyway, we had a really great family dinner with Robyn's side of the family last night, and I had a cup of coffee after dinner...


I did not sleep a wink.  Went to bed at midnight, took my melatonin, and laid in bed until five in the morning, at which point I gave up on sleeping.  Got up, and played around on the internet and worked on the centerpieces for the wedding.

I had a doctor's appointment at 9, which took for freaking ever, as I was, once again, trying to convince my doctor to let me stop taking Effexor.  She finally caved, thank goodness... now I'm on track to be done taking it a few months from now!  You have to come off of Effexor slowly, as there are really harsh side effects... I regret ever starting taking it!  By my calculation, my last day for taking it should be... *drumroll please* August 19!  I'm so excited!  Not so much excited for the side effects, but excited to not be on this terrible medication anymore.


When I got home, I was FINALLY exhausted enough to be able to take a nap.  I set my alarm for two and a half hours (I wanted a long nap), and I guess when my alarm went off, I immediately turned it off... and I didn't wake up until six!!  I guess I wanted more sleep than I imagined.  Now I'm super awake, and it's beddy by time coming up here... ugh.  I hope the melatonin knocks me out tonight, and that my sleep schedule isn't too out of whack.

As I mentioned earlier, we went to a family dinner that Robyn's side of the family was having last night.  I love spending time with his side of the family, they're such sweet people.  His little brothers even drew me some pictures!  I kept them and put them up on our fridge... they're so cute!  We had a great time out at their house, catching up on everyone's busy lives!  It's always so nice to get to see family!

Tomorrow night we're helping my sister and her boyfriend load up their moving van, and then I'm helping them move into their new condo on Wednesday.  I'm so excited to see their new place!  It's a brand new rental building... and they're the lucky first people to get to live in the condo!

Well, I'm going to go have a cup of sleepy time tea... since I now know that caffeine is the root of most of my sleep problems... too bad I love things that contain caffeine!!!

Toodles, lovelies!

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