Friday, April 22, 2011


I started writing this on Saturday, got distracted by things, and have begun re-writing it nowwww.  Sorry, guys.  Basically, I woke up with some sort of deathly illness the morning after I started writing, so, I'm back on the saddle now.  On the saddle?  In the saddle?  Is that even an expression?

Last week was allllll kinds of frustrating.

On Tuesday, I went to pick off the 200 pictures I had gotten printed off at Walmart.  I spent four hours the night before, uploading and cropping and getting each one perfect.  My sister took me to pick them up, I didn't bother looking at them, because I'm a stupid, and then, when I got home, they were all wayyyy too dark.  I was pissed!

So, my sister drove me to another Walmart, to go get them fixed, and their photo lab was closed two hours early for some odd reason, so then we drove to ANOTHER Walmart, and their photo lab was closed by the time we got there.  So, we gave up for a few days.

On Friday, I finally got to go to the photo lab, and they basically told me that there was nothing that they could do about it, that I would have to stand in front of their machine for four hours and upload and crop and edit each picture individually, again.


I was so not impressed, I told them to just give me my money back, and they told me to go back to the first store that I had gone to... after I had already wasted hours and hours and hours and hours trying to get this resolved in the first place.

In the end, I ended up demanding to speak to the manager, because I was tired of dealing with the Walmart bullshit, and they eventually refunded me for the pictures.  Now, I'm going to take them somewhere else to get them done.

Stupid Walmart.

I also had a bunch of crazy customers last week, too.  I've noticed that since ending things with Rick, I refuse to take crap from anyone anymore... maybe it's only a matter of time before I get fired... haha.

Basically, as soon as anyone starts acting rude, or starts pulling any sort of bullshit, my nice, smiley, helpful demeanor disappears, and is replaced by someone who is bitchy, no nonsense, and ready to yell at you at any second.

Also, if you use "let me speak to your manager!" as some sort of threat, I will gladly get my manager, because I don't give a crap.

The final straw is people calling me stupid.  I've had a few people call me stupid, one last week, and one today, and, as soon as that happens, don't expect me to help you at all anymore... or, if you come in again in the future.  I actually told a guy today that I wasn't going to help him anymore, and then yelled down the aisle at him that he was incredibly rude.

Seriously, no nonsense.

I do really enjoy my job for the most part, though.  I like mixing the paint and helping people, and the customers are usually pretty good.

Some are creepy,though.

As anyone who has bought paint at a Home Depot knows, you get a paint stick with every can that you buy.  Some woman actually ran her paint stick down my arm the other day, over my tattoos, as she complimented them.

Asking someone about their tattoos is one thing, but when you move towards physical contact, it becomes really awkward.

Ask me, whatever, I don't care, I've come to expect it... but don't grab my arm and twist it to see what it says, don't touch my tattoos, don't jab me with friggin' paint sticks!  Seriously!  If I like your glasses, or your hair cut, or your shirt, I don't grab hold of them!  So, don't grab hold of my tattoos!  Just because I have tattoos and piercings, doesn't mean that all social boundaries are void.

We had our Easter dinner on Sunday, last weekend, because we're not sure when my mom will have to go in for surgery.  It was super yummy.  My mom made ham and Caesar salad and pedaheh in cream.  Oooh!  And Brussel sprouts!  Friggin' love Brussel sprouts.

I think I am going to attempt to dye my hair more purple tonight.  I worry that I will dye the rest of myself purple as well, again.  Last time I put the purple in, my whole body turned grape-y.  It was not enjoyable.  I'm using a different brand, though, so, maybe that makes a difference.  Here's hoping!

I went to see Video Games Live, on Monday.  It was really cool!  I didn't know a lot of the games, but that wasn't such a huge deal, I mostly enjoyed the fact that it was performed by the symphony orchestra.

Unfortunately, I accidentally left my keys at work on my way to the concert.

Effity eff.

I had no idea what to do.

Luckily!  I was reminded that we have a night crew at our store, and, that, if I called them and asked nicely, they would probably let me in to grab my keys.

Thankfully, they did... though, reluctantly.

Other than having the flu for a few days, this week has been exponentially better than last week.  Thank goodness.

Anywhoodles, I should make some dinner, and read some more of my book.  Toodles, lovelies! <3

P.S.  You guys should help me think of a name for my new Beta fish that I bought yesterday. He's pink with dark red fins, if that helps!

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