Saturday, January 22, 2011

everything that could go wrong...

Everything that could have gone wrong with my apartment officially has, short of it burning down.  But, now that I have said that, this place will probably burn down.

On Friday, I lost all of the power in my apartment.  Only my apartment.  No one else was affected.  Just me.

The stupid breaker blew, or something.  Every time we flipped the switch, it would flip itself back down.  My landlord changed it once.  It kept flicking back down.  He changed it a second time, after four phone calls to my co-teacher, and him rummaging through my apartment, unplugging everything and flipping all of the switches in my place.

After... three hours(?), and a lot of irritation, I finally had power back.

After which, I went to Alex's, drank an entire bottle of wine, ate amazing homemade chicken soup, played Scrabble and lost, watched TV, and spent the night making a communal painting that turned out really great.

It was a great night!  And, it definitely made up for the craptacular power outage debacle earlier in the day.

I was, however, really hungover on Saturday, and I spent the day in bed, watching movies and drawing.


  1. Somtimes after a crazy day...all you need is wine and friend!!
    I really hope nothing else goes wrong with your apartment!!

  2. Oh god, I can commiserate- After christmas was over;
    our fridge/ freezer stopped working. twice
    we got so snowed in I couldn't leave the garage
    our toilet stopped flushing
    the handle broke off our dishwasher

    Life sucked a little bit! But it all works out in the end, thankfully...

    Booze helps!

  3. Oye vey, sorry to hear about the troubles. Glad you had some fun at the end of the day though!

  4. @Courtney: That is so true, wine and a good friend fixes a lot of things! And, thanks, I hope so, too. I have one month left here, and it would be nice if it went smoothly!

    @Meri: Oh my goodness! Sounds like you're having as much luck as I am, haha. I'm, glad it all worked out, and, yes, booze definitely helps! Haha

    @Teacher Girl: Thanks, I was glad, too. It's amazing what a three hour shit storm will take out of you!


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