Sunday, December 5, 2010

why, hello...

So, it's been a while, again, but I'm going to try really hard to keep updating regularly from now on... because we all know how well that has worked out in the past.  I'm going to try for at least once a week, and if I don't do it, someone is allowed to kick me in the face.  Really, I'll let you do it.  Just know, I hate feet, so, if you could wear socks when you do it, it would be muchly appreciated.  Also, no shoes, because, really... ouch.

Soooo, my adventure here is drawing to a close, and that makes me really sad, but I'm also really excited to return home.  I miss my friends and family A LOT.  I booked my flight home last week.  Holy bejesus, goodbye, $1006.  I guess I'm getting it back, but still, my credit card isn't happy with me anymore.  Either way, February 28, 2011, at 3:55 pm, I'll once again be on the soil of my lovely home.  I also plan on having dinner with a few people that night, which people have informed me that I am crazy for, because apparently all I will want to do is sleep.  I dunno about that, my body will technically think it is eight in the morning, and I'll sleep on the plane, and on the bus to Seoul, so I think I'll be okay.  When I got to Korea, I had so much trouble making myself fall asleep, although, that may have been because I was terrified.  Either way, I'm too excited to be home to not have a small get together... I miss everyone so much!

I officially have practically no winter vacation.  Everyone kept telling me that I should book a trip to another country or something, so that I could go somewhere before I leave, but my school has essentially ensured that that is impossible.  I have one week off after Christmas, then I have four weeks of winter camp (as opposed to the normal two, but I do get an extra 800 000 won out of it), one week off, apparently I have to come back and teach for two weeks, one week off, and then I come home.  I supposed I could have done some travelling before I returned to Canada, but I'm one of those types of people that shouldn't be allowed to travel alone, as in, I would probably get lost and die if left by myself.  It's a bad scene.  I'm really too scared to travel by myself.

I've been sick for pretty much all of November, which is just... lovely?  I got over my intestinal infection (boy, that was fun), and then I immediately got a cold, which turned into tonsillitis, which turned into this impossible cold.  Now, Korean cold meds are not something to fuck with, for serious.  I was taking the same thing for about a week, before I ran out.  I asked my co-teacher if I could get some more at lunch on Friday, and I am 95% sure that the pharmacist actually just gave me meth.  We had a teacher dinner that night, and I was so sleep deprived and high on meth, that I made a total fool of myself.  I spent dinner humming loudly to myself, despite the fact that I thought I was only humming inside my head... and I know it sounds rude that I was not paying attention to what was going on at dinner, but they only speak in Korean when they go out for dinner, so, you try sitting on a floor for two hours, not having any idea what is being said, despite the fact that they are talking about you because you hear your name every once in a while.  I also made it really clear that it was inappropriate for me to be around people early on in the dinner when prawns were placed in front of me.  I didn't pick them up and make them dance or anything, but, one of them had this really long and skinny protrusion coming out from under it.  I looked at all of the other plates of prawns, and no one else's had this... I had to ask.  I asked my co-teacher what was up with the prawn, and when she didn't really have an answer,  I mayyyy have asked her if it was a boy prawn.  Good job, me.  The prawns were shortly removed from in front of me.  I'm throwing away my meth when I get to school on Monday.

This weekend we had a charity event to raise money for the orphanage, AKA, we got trashed for orphans.  It was a good night.  I flipped off a cab full of old Korean dudes at four in the morning, thinking it was actually the cab my friends were in... and I spent the night dancing, ass grabbing, and carrying a 26 of Malibu rum around in my purse.  We also made cookies, and got our nails did.  Mine are all different colors and have kitties and dead fish on them, because i'm four years old. Also, they are sparkley.

My school weeks have been filled with temper tantrums, kids applying stickers to my face (and having to peel them off, resulting in a loss of skin... Korean stickers are excessively sticky), milk covered hugs from first graders (my grade one buddy is so cute, why his face was covered in milk, I will never know), hamsters living in mittens and tin coin banks (I'm surprised he's still alive, she likes to hide him up her shirt and in other fourth graders' pencil cases to scare them), singing songs, showing off my "sweet" dance moves to my students in my office (I did the twist for them), being taught by the phys ed teacher to call him "chalsangim opa" (which no one told me meant  "handsome older man" until people started screaming and laughing when he would get me to say it in front of them, also resulting in him being called a gorilla by the sixth graders that clean my office, and then them being chased of the office by him), a classroom full of wasps because my co-teacher likes to open all of the windows when it's five degrees outside and all of the wasps try to find warmth inside of our classroom, climbing a mountain to see Hyangiram (again, but it's always beautiful), and having the principal pretty much tell my co-teacher that he's worried that I'm dying because I keep getting sick... you know, the usual.

Okay, I really will try to keep this up at least once a week, or so help me, the secret ninjas will totally be allowed to kick my ass, I promise!

Toodles for now (also, I hope the new layout is okay... I was in a purple and grey kinda mood).


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