Friday, October 8, 2010


So, I may have kept putting off writing in my blog.  Sorry guys!  Ummmm, let's see... (I am digging through my facebook to find status updates to make me remember things) Well, I went to Busan with Andrew and Kelly, we got to see the aquarium, which was cool, but not as cool as I hoped it would be.  There were sharks, though!  This can driver totally took advantage of us, and took us on a 13 000 won joyride.  I kept yelling for him to stop (in Korean!), and he kept pretending he had no idea what I was talking about.  It was pure bullshit, we were basically kidnapped.  After Busan, school started again, we only had school for two and a half weeks before we got a 9 day vacation, though.  Savouring that vacation was the goal, since it is my last vacation until probably the second week of January.  that's right, guys and gals, I don't even get Christmas Eve off.  And I think the only reason I get Christmas off is because it's a Saturday.

But, yes, the first few weeks of school.  They were decent, the kids were really excited to see me again.  That's why I love teaching, I have never had a job before where people got excited to see me at work.  Except for maybe penis guy at the depot... and he got "excited," not genuine happiness excited.  My mouse pad at work was covered in these disgusting tiny silver bugs and mold when I got back, so I threw it in the garbage.  Now, every once in a while, some of the bugs will come crawling out of my keyboard.  Grossness.  We got a bunch of new young teachers at the school.  Two of them are my new co-teachers, because my school goes through English co-teachers like toilet paper.  Serves them right for making pregnant/temporary teachers into English co-teachers every damn time.  So annoying.  My after school classes got cancelled, and I was really sad about it... I spent a whole bunch of time planning what I thought would have been the greatest after school class ever, complete with movies and episodes of Th Magic School Bus.  Oh well...

Oh!  My English classrooms got renovated last semester, and, in the main room, the room I always use, they put in a stage.  On my first day of teaching I fell off of this stage.  It's hilarious now, but not so much at the time.  It's only like 4 inches, but it still hurt!

I went to a Korean/Canadian wedding, it was a really cool mix of a traditional wedding and a Korean wedding.  I had a lot of fun and met some really great people, and the wedding was reallyyyy beautiful!  We stayed in this really nice resort, and we went to the water park in the resort the next day.  It was expensive, but fun.  And, I got sunburn, again!  Thankfully, not as horrible as last time, unfortunately enough, though, it was in the same spot...

For Chuseok (Korean Thanksgiving, the 9 day holiday that I got), I was supposed to go to Seoul, and I did.  I left on Monday with the guy that I had the plans with, and we were supposed to return Friday night.  I ended up coming back on Wednesday night by myself and getting home at 4 in the morning because it turns out the guy I went with was a total psycho.  Long story short, he freaked out on me in a crowded subway train in Seoul, and yelled things at me through the subway station, tried to get me to fight with him, and then yelled at me while I cried in the hotel room.  I packed my shit and left.

I spent the rest of the week hanging out with some friends and just relaxing before going back to school.  I didn't get to do much in Seoul, though I did walk through Namsan Park, which is really beautiful, and I got to take the cable car up to Namsan tower!  Namsan tower is neat, it's the tallest tower in Seoul, and you can see all of Seoul from the observation deck, it was really cool.  That was pretty much the only good part of the trip.

My students are as cute as ever.  I don't know if I mentioned him before, but there is a little boy who waits outside of the school for me almost every morning just so he can say hello and ask me how I am each day.  CUTE!  And, today, one of my little grade 4 cuties told me that "Tara Teacher number 1 yeongeo seonsaingnim!" (which means I'm the number one English teacher).

Last week was my birthday.  On Friday, my co-teachers bought me a cake (sweet potato cake, wtf?  Either way, it wasn't too bad, just a little... different?), and they all sang happy birthday to me.  It was really sweet.  Friday night, I hung out with Andrew and Kelly and drank way too much, went back to their house, drank even more, and then passed out in their spare bedroom.  I, of course, woke up EXTREMELY hungover on Saturday.  We managed to get some food, and then I crawled home and napped and then showered.  Saturday night I went out to QUIZNOS!!! with Annie, for my birthday dinner (hahaha), and then I agreed to go out for ONE drink with Britton's birthday crowd.  One drink turned into 5 in the morning... yeah, needless to say, I didn't have just one drink.  It was a great birthday weekend, though!  I had an awesome time!

Oh, computers officially hate me.  My laptop died, somehow, on my trip to Seoul, and I now have to send it back to Canada to get it fixed under warranty.  Soooo... I bought this ghetto $200 laptop off of GMarket that totally looks stolen, and is so old that it has a dial up modem in it!  Hiiiiilarous!  Either way, it works, and its a nice temporary substitute.  It's a buisness computer from 2003!  Haha.  AAAND, my school computer croaked.  It took them over a week to finally fix the stupid thing, I was so annoyed.  It's all better now, though.

But, yes, that has been the past while in a nutshell.  I WILL try and update more often... I know I say that every time... but, honestly, sometimes I just forget!

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