Monday, July 5, 2010

may or may not have forgotten she has a blog...

So, I've been doing some adventuring and whatnot... I went to Busan for a bit, and I've been working my ass off planning a summer camp that starts July 19. I've been in Korea for over four months now, and only made a few enemies! I'm going to miss all my little kidlets over the summer, they're such cuties. They all live in apartments near mine, though, so I'm sure I'll see them around.

One of my adorable grade sixers asked me to marry him, which made me laugh... how could it not. He's in my after school class, and he has a tendency to follow me around and ask me a million questions. On this particular morning, he was following me down the hallway and he noticed the ring I bought myself. That I wear on my pinky on my right hand. His reaction was priceless: "Tara teacher! Married? No, oh no no..." I swear these kids just see a ring and assume you're married. I assured him I wasn't married, to which he replied "Oh, good! When get married?" I laughed sarcastically and told him I had no idea. To which he then suggested that him and I should get married. I told him that if I'm still in Korea when he turns 28, then I will totally marry him.  He got this huge ass smile on his face, started saying "Oh my god, oh my god" and fanning himself. This kid is possibly the craziest person I know.

The good news is, I finally got a new work computer.  After a month of bitching and complaining, they finally gave in and gave me a new old computer... and it WORKS!  It has not frozen on me once!  Joy of joys!

The bad news, someone totally ripped off my Canadian bank account!  Somehow, someone in Canada got my card and PIN number, and was depositing empty envelopes, claiming there was money in them, and then withdrawing money from my account!  Luckily, everything got all straightened out, but, holy eff, what a bunch of crap!  I hope they catch the jerk who did it!

Aaaanywhoodles, I should be getting back to lesson planning for my summer camp, my life hasn't been crazy interesting of late, but I will make more of an effort to post in my blog more often.  I don't mean to neglect it!

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