Monday, June 14, 2010

i think i need a catchphrase...

Last weekend was fabulous. In fact, it was even better than fabulous. I was supposed to go to Seoul with Annie and Meaghan, but plans got cancelled, yadda yadda yadda. Anyways, I ended up meeting up with Robyn and Brendan on Saturday, after another shitty back treatment, and we hung out all day.

The back treatments were unbearable. Really and truly painful. Even the stupid laser didn't feel good. And now my back looks disgusting. Parts are Coke bottle red, parts are the color of darkly toasted bread, and parts are still white as paper, plus it's peely and gross. Thank goodness it is no longer blistery, though. And it's itchy... so very itchy. I was given a really disgusting balm to put on the burn. I didn't attempt to use it until Monday night, and when I opened the tube I nearly puked. It just smelled like tallow in a tube. It was awful. I put it on Monday night before I went to bed, and then before I went to school on Tuesday. Big mistake. Every time I caught a whiff of it, I almost puked. It was awful. I decided that I could no longer use it unless I seriously damaged my ability to smell. I told my co-teacher about how the smell of it was making me sick, and she smelled me (haha, we have no boundaries!), but she told me it smelled good! The only conclusion I have been able to arrive at is that I smell like a halaboji (Korean grandfather) on the bus. I don't want to smell like a halaboji!

I decided after school that I was going to try and find some aloe to use instead of the icky cream. Boy was that an adventure. My cell died on the way to E-Mart, so I had no dictionary on hand, and, as I couldn't find the aloe myself, I had to attempt to ask one of the ladies that works there. What a gong show. It resulted in fifteen minutes of searching, and her assuming that I wanted aloe gel sunblock. Sigh. Either way, I kahmsahamneeda-ed her and decided I would try and check The Face Shop, most of their products have at least some English on them. Thaaaank goodness I overcame my frustration about my lack of Korean and went and checked. Deal, glorious, expensive as fuck aloe! Oh, how I love you, even if you are perfumed. Unless aloe naturally smells this good. I don't really care, it doesn't smell like that disgusting crap that I had before, so that's all that matters! Clearly!

Next step: find SPF 1 000 000.

So, for the rest of my Saturday (that was a long, rambley backtrack)... So, we met up outside Bob Kim's (a kimbap restaurant! Bahaha) and decided to venture over to Noblita (a really rad coffee chop) for three tall orders of cherrycock. I kid you not, my friends, it says it right on the menu... and curiosity got the better of us.

Yup, cherrycock.  Needless to say, it did not meet our expectations.  But what do you expect for 4500W.

The adorable Robyn and Brendan and our tall orders of cherrycock, also, mocha cake and something that Robyn enjoys that's a Korean dessert with red beans, cream, rice cake, ice chips, ice cream, whipped cream, chocolate sauce, fruit, sprinkles, etc. etc. in it.  Ews.

After the cherrycock, we cemented plans to randomly go to Suncheon.  Hurray!  Also, we took the train!!!  I was sooooo excited!  And I just realized I didn't take any pictures on the train... oi vay.  Next time for sure.  Wait, wait wait... I took one on the way back!

More adorable Robyn and Brendan (fighting over dried squid, I might add) and the only evidence that I've been on a train!

Once off the train, we decided that we should go shopping.  And, go shopping we did.  I bought a red pair of laceless slip on converse, because my green pair for school are so damn comfy.  And some Salvatore Ferragamo perfume (Incanto Charms... smells sooo good), oh... and I mayyy have bought myself a diamond ring.  And by may, I mean I did.

Oh, how extravagant!  It's silver plated with white gold, so it was relatively cheap--55000W--but I love it!!  It's so me.  And I love the idea of a pinky ring.  We also saw the Prince of Persia movie... I have nothing to say other than the only thing that saved it for me was Jake Gyllenhall.  Terrible.

The best part of the night was to come after the shopping, though.  Our last purchase of the night, and really the best purchase ever made, especially since they were like 1000W was the bubble wands we bought.  Yes, we bought bubble wands, and it was AMAZING.  We made soooo many people incredibly happy that night.  We tested them out in Suncheon, and people thought they were great.  One lady stood by us for a couple of minutes and played around in the bubbles.  We then took the train back to Yeosu and we were going to blow bubbles on Dolsan Bridge, but apparently they turn the lights off at 11.  So, we went to Yeoso Dong rotary and blew bubbles there!

We made a little girl crazily happy on our way from the rotary to the bar district, where we were going to blow bubbles.  I have never seen a Korean kid smile so big or get so happy, and the adults she was with actually got excited too, it was awesome.  We then stood on a street corner and blew bubbles into traffic for like an hour.  People loved it!  Some people took pictures from inside their cars, people drove by and "woo hoo!"ed us, people walking by stopped and used their limited English skills to talk to us, and we let them blow bubbles too, it was awesome!  Who knew bubbles could be so much fun and have such an impact!  The best part is, we totally know that people went home that night and were talking about the three foreigners standing on a street corner at midnight, blowing bubbles.  Pure awesomeness.

Sunday was nice as well, we went shopping--again--in Yeosu's shopping district, which isn't actually half bad!  I got some stuff to send home, which is always nice.  Random Korean cutesie things.

This past weekend was really good, too.  Sex and the City 2 finally came out here!  I was so excited, I went with Robyn to see it on opening night!  The theater was so full!  Lies.  There were four of us foreigners, and one Korean couple.  Haha.  Oh wells.  The movie wasn't as amazing as I wished it would have been.  It didn't advance the story, and it was just like it was made for the sake of there being another SATC movie.  I was slightly disappointed.  But it was fun anyways.  We snuck wine coolers into the theater, so that was fun, haha.

Saturday, Robyn and I decided we wanted to go dancing, so we got all dolled up and took the late bus to Gwangju.  We went to the shopping district, which is where there are apparently a bunch of bars.  But first, we needed to get a hotel room.  Apologies, love motel room.  The idea of staying in a love motel is slightly dirty, haha, but it's so cheap!  We got a really rad room in the Enter Hotel (pleaseeee tell me someone sees the irony in our love motel being called the Enter Hotel!!).  It was crazy, we payed 40000W total, and it was really nice!  It even had a jacuzzi!

We decided to wander the streets of Gwangju after we checked in in search of a club to go dancing in.  The alleyway we had to walk through to get to our hotel must be mentioned at this point.  It was an alleyway in an alleyway in an alleyway which led to a parking garage, where the entrance to the hotel was located... and it was sketch city:

We were grateful to get to the main road after leaving this alley and walking through the next alley... we were pretty sure a Korean man was trying to buy us.  He emerged from one of the alleys and was following us, whisper shouting things in Korean, and once we got to the main road he turned back around and disappeared.  Creepy.

Finding the club we were looking for was not an easy task, especially considering we really had no idea where to look.  We eventually gave up and settled on Club Volume... which we were able to find because they had a truck blaring music parked down the alley from it.  I think it was a good find!  10000W cover, but it included a free drink, and drinks were 7000W, so, really, only 3000W cover, and they played a mix of electronic and hip hop.  Also, there were lasers.  I've never been in a club with lasers!!!

Hah, a tonne of pics for you guys!  I got really excited about the lasers!  Oh, and some evidence that my makeup and hair did -not- look like crap before dancing for four hours:

Still the palest person in Korea!

We got home around 4 in the morning, apparently clubs here stay open until 5ish, holy wow!  We were the -only- foreigners in the club, it was crazy!  And, aside from some handsy Korean boys that ended up passing me back and forth between the two of them, the night went rather well.  I had a lot of fun dancing, it was great!  I need to go out dancing more often.  I'm a terrible dancer, but I have so much fun!

Sunday consisted of some window shopping/great find buys before we realized we were too exhausted to carry on, and the heat and humidity were killer.  Oi.  So, we bussed on home and I took a long ass nap, which was probably a bad idea, because I didn't fall asleep very early last night.

This morning I awoke to the smell of fire, and I was sure that my air conditioner had burst into flames from over-use or something.  Not the case, apparently it was coming from outside.  Thank goodness.  When I got downstairs however, I found out the source of the smoke... there was a pile of potatoes smoldering in the middle of my street.  I wish I could make this stuff up.  There was a potato fire in my street.  The walk to school was nice though, I wore my favorite pair of jeans, and a cute Korean university boy stopped me to tell me that my butt looked nice!  *swoon* hahaha.

Well, this was a long ass blog post, because I've neglected my blog for about ten days, so I will stop the madness and end it here.  I should probably get to bed, anyways!

I leave you with a picture of a palm tree wrapped in ivy:

And Koosh ball flip flops, which are all the rage out here:


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