Monday, April 12, 2010

i should probably be lesson planning; instead, i find myself here...

This last week was rather uneventful.  I got sick last last Thursday, and my co-teacher insisted that I go to the doctor on Monday (I assume that it was more because she didn't want to catch whatever I have.  Also, Koreans are obsessed with getting medical attention), so she took me after class.  The doctor spoke decent English, which was nice, and he ended up giving me a prescription for four pills, three times a day, for three days.  Guess how much it all cost?!  3000 won for the doctor's visit and 2500 won for the prescription.  Oh, woe is me... paying less than $5.50 Canadian for a doctor's visit and a prescription... oh, and the whole "ordeal" took a grand total of about twenty minutes.  Anyways, the prescription didn't do much more than make me all jittery (I assume one of them was a caffeine pill), but I'm starting to feel better today (Monday of the next week!). 

Needless to say, my week was pretty relaxed and I didn't do much.  I had Korean lessons, though, which I'm actually enjoying.

On Saturday a few of us foreign teachers went out for dinner and then out to LSG for sex trivia night.  Actually, we got tricked into sex trivia night, we didn't know it was still going on by the time we got there.  Either way, somehow my team won (I have no idea how, we were certain we were losing).  And we won free beer, which we took a raincheque for.  No complaints here.  Afterwards, a few of us (three actually) decided that we didn't feel like going home, so we went to a norae bang, which is like this little room that you rent out and rock out to kareoke.  It's actually hilariously fun, despite the fact that I hate singing in front of others because I am horrible at it. 

Oh!  On Wednesday and I went to the hairdresser and managed to get a haircut!  It was slightly terrifying, trying to explain what you wanted without having the other person understand English.  Either way, I think it looks nice, and the lady did a great job despite the language barrier.  Also, my haircut only cost 10 000 won... less than $10 Canadian.  I have never gotten a haircut for that cheap in Canada... EVER!  The lady also managed to tell me (mostly through broken English, some Korean that I have limited knowledge of, and a lot of pointing) that she sees me walk by every day and every time she wanted to run out and cut my "wings" off.  Well, she got her wish, haha.

I also decided that, since I was able to get a haircut, that I would try buying sunglasses.  Or at least looking for some.  I went to the glasses shop down the street from my house, and after trying on just one pair, the optometrist tookthem away and stared at the wall for about a minute before pulling down a pair of sunglasses that are the most perfect sunglasses ever!  And, frames and prescription lenses altogether, they only cost me 100 000 won, or, less than $100 Canadian.  I love Korea, it's so cheap to live here!  and they were ready in two days!

On Sunday, Robyn and I decided to go to a DVD bang, which, like a norae bang, is a room you rent out and watch DVDs in.  We also bought cake.  Best.Sunday.EVER.

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